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Hello! My name is Emil. I'm a web dev/designer with more than 7 years of experience in HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL and Photoshop, who loves beautiful design. Available for freelance and long term contracts.

I want to make web a happy place where users could browse intuitevely and efficiently through beautifuly designed and inspirational websites and brands could communicate with their audience easily.


selected work


Menorca Holiday Lettings

Holiday lettings directory, Menorca.

the lab


Kaleidoscope is a simple, lightweight CSS Framework (minified to 5kb).

It speeds up the development of new HTML5 projects:
- cleans things up for cross-browser compatibility
- builds the (nestable) grid to keep everything nicely together
- keeps vertical rhythm of your project andit's built with OOCSS in mind.

See demo. Find it on GitHub.


Fontzz is a simple collection of web font pairs for quick typography reference. It's for all the web designers, front-end devs and ui ninjas who look for quick inspiration for their new amazing project.

Initial set has been collected by myself but the website has been built to be extended by you. So go on, if you have some cool font pairs to share then Fontzz is the place for it.

Click to visit


Tasks is a very handy, minimalistic little app for making all sorts of lists.

I built it on jQuery. It saves your data in your browser so it's very fast to work with. Looks awesome on the iphone too.

Tasks list. Done. Easy.

Give it a go.

tools I choose to use




You can find me on twitter, github and facebook.